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    • JANUARY 16, 2018

    Oral Care and Older Veterans – Dental Advice and Tips for the Retired Veterans

    As we become old, our body changes. Just like the remaining of our body, our teeth also senesce. The older an individual becomes, the more prone we are to lose our teeth. Do You Know What Really Makes Elderly Dental Care So Difficult? For the old, many factors can influence to their inability to maintain oral health. Here, we’re presenting you with some particular oral health care tips that might help you. If you are an aged citizen who desires to enhance your dental care or are accountable for caring for someone.

    There are some steps that you can use to improve the oral health:

    Yellowing of teeth

    Yellowing of teeth tends to characterize ageing. Tooth enamel decreases as you get older making the teeth to seem yellow. Drinks like coffee, wine and even smoking can varnish teeth so avoid that.

    Increase fluoridation

    Use a fluoride toothpaste. You can also include a fluoride rinse in your everyday routine.

    Always Avoid tobacco

    Tobacco can lead you to the mouth and throat cancer. Chewing tobacco can also even lead to extra decay, as many tobacco products include sugar.

    Increase oral hydration

    For this, you can consult dental clinic in Calgary and know if he or she can suggest you with the medication that can treat dry mouth. In a case, if this is not possible, then you should have lots of water and chew a sugar free gum. Also, use an antibacterial mouthwash as this can lessen the accumulation of plaque.

    Oral health doesn’t really have to do with your teeth. Your oral conditions and dental health have a tremendous influence on overall health. So, if you have old people at home to look out for or are a caregiver for retired veterans, be conscious of basic dental ailments the veterans are exposed to.

    Keep in mind that keeping your teeth in great shape as you age needs a few practices and consciousness. Many times, the elderly people face barriers and problems about how to keep their oral health in great shape. In this case, it is essential to visit a dental care specialist frequently, as he can give even more useful oral care tips. Never skip your check-ups. Maintaining a healthy mouth as you age is pretty important so make sure that you follow it in a right way.

    • JANUARY 14, 2018

    How The Christmas Surprise Turned Into A Big Twitter Hit

    Christmas Surprise Video Goes Viral of a Sailor

    The mother was missing her daughter on Christmas Eve in California. Everybody was present except the daughter who was away from home for the holidays serving in the United States Navy. Christmas is often the reason for the family meet ups and togetherness. Everybody wants to celebrate this auspicious day with their family. Same is going in her case as well. The mother was missing her daughter and was sad.

    @cheeyannahh The Sailor

    The Sailor @cheeyannahh planned a surprise for her mom who had no idea about it. She planned a perfect Christmas gift for her mother who was missing her daughter. She came up with the classic idea of un-wrapping a large mirror as the surprise gift. A big mirror was shrouded with paper, and, while the mother started taking the wrapping paper off. The Sailor got into position behind her.

    The mother didn’t have any idea about her gift. The whole thing was caught on camera and uploaded to Twitter on Christmas Eve. Moreover, the Californian mom had no idea what she would be getting when she started unwrapping the mirror, but it’s pretty visible from her reaction at the end that it was exactly what she wanted for Christmas. She surprised her mom on Christmas and gifted the best gift which her mother always wanted. More than anything material, she wanted her daughter with her at home for the holidays.

    @cheeyannahh The Sailor Uploaded it to Twitter

    The video has gone viral as it was emotionally loaded. And it already had 6.5 million views in the first two days online. The caption for the video was “Surprised my mom for Christmas, she looked in the mirror and saw her present,” – worth the title.

    This Military Surprise Homecoming was so Special

    Military surprise homecoming videos are always magnificent to watch, but this one, in particular, is just so sVpecial. It’s the perfect holiday video to wrap up the year. More than anything material, she wanted her daughter with her at home for the holidays. And her Santa daughter gifted her best surprise. The surprise is always desired. The video got 6.5 million viewers in just two days all thanks to the mother’s reaction. A U.S. Navy sailor gave her mother the best gift and the surprise of a lifetime. The touching moment was captured, and her mother’s reaction on seeing her in the mirror resonated with Twitter users. Moreover, It was an emotionally charged video showing the homecoming of an American sailor.

    Here’s wishing all military families’ happy holidays.

    • JANUARY 13, 2018

    Smart Business Ideas for Veterans

    These days many veterans can make great administrators and small-business owners. They own several skills that are needed to remain in the business world. Be it management and discipline of cooperation or the knowledge to make on-the-spot choices; Veterans are perfect in it. A recent survey has just shown up that 7.5% of the nation’s businesses are own by them only. By this, we could get a clear and plain idea about their abilities.

    Entrepreneurs are very determined risk takers who assures that they take every possible effort to make their project a successful one. They are the ones who’re capable of making big decisions off of restricted information. If you’re one of the veterans, who’s considering of having an entrepreneurial leap, then getting up a business idea is the initial step. There are some of the most obvious things to consider while making this choice. Here, we’re outlining some tips for you so have a glance at it.

    Work As A Government Contractor

    Becoming a state contractor is a great option if you’re a veteran who’s developed expertise in a specialized field. The administration contracts out a huge amount of live maintenance, logistics, transport, medical and regulatory work. The administration also gives courses on government contracting to help you get commenced and also offer business insurance in Vancouver.
    Thus, retail, government contracting and franchising are marketing ideas that can suit the skills and lives of veterans.

    Open a Retail Shop

    Retail is one of the most common businesses among veteran entrepreneurs. This could be one of the great options for veterans who can do good in sales and marketing. Beginning a retail business can also do great for veterans who want to concentrate on marketing a stock with a military theme. Before veterans indulge themselves in this trade, it is vital to assure that they’re prepared for the massive amount of work that entrepreneurship requires.

    Become a Franchise Purchaser

    Buy your own franchise is also a great idea. This is one of the most comments the choice of thousands of veterans. By having a franchise, you don’t have to begin from the very initial point to start a new brand. Also, the rules and procedures are previously in place, and you can get instruction and assistance from the franchisor. Mind that franchises can be costly to begin and may need a substantial upfront expense. You also require paying a franchising fee that can range much higher.


    • JANUARY 12, 2018

    Why it’s Important To Thank A Veteran Around The Holidays?

    The veteran has served his country during one of the “Great” wars. But did you know that veterans come from all different walks of life and in all different ages?

    • Sometimes veterans are older.
    • Sometimes veterans are younger.
    • Sometimes veterans are women.
    • Sometimes veterans span numerous generations.
    • Sometimes veterans are people we ignore on the streets.

    So, it is essential to respect all the veterans who have lost their lives while serving us. And thanks to living veterans who served their country honorably during war or peacetime.

    What do all Veterans have in common?

    They all have served you in some way. First and foremost our veterans protected our country during the war. It has preserved our countries values. They did this by putting their lives in danger against enemies in foreign countries. They unreasonably did this whether we will appreciate their efforts or not. Veterans did so much more than just fighting for us.

    • They provided us Aid and Hope.
    • They provided us Smiles and Security.
    • They provided us Small Piece of Happiness.
    • They provided us freedoms.

    Is it Relevant to Honor our Veterans?

    • Veterans fought for our freedoms and endangered their lives whether we realized it or not.
    • Without the service of veterans, we would not have the freedoms we have today.
    • Veterans have served all of us in some of the other ways.
    • Many veterans have become homeless after they came back from their services.
    • They have struggled to adapt to the regular life after they get back from their service.
    • They have preserved our countries values.

    We must not forget to appreciate those who have served us their entire lives. While serving, they have turned old lost their families and had no one to take care of them. So, it is important to appreciate those who have worked their entire lives for our happiness. All they need now is our care and kindness. It’s our duty to pay back some of the debt that is owed to those who served and sacrificed for the nation. The men and women veterans of VFW Post 8870 should be treated as our brothers and sisters and inspire others to get involved in some way.

    They must not be left behind. Many older veterans at the soldier’s homes have family that visits them, but there are some who have no one to visit them. This loneliness is beyond speaking. Each year at Christmas time, VFW Post 8870 donates more than fifteen hundred dollars of gift cards to the Orting soldier’s home. It is a way to say thank you to those who served us in times of war and in times of peace. Veterans have done so much for the country, and now it’s our turn to return the favor back by saying thanks and being courteous to them.